Sunday, June 29, 2008

Famous Person Siting

So we're sitting in sacrament meeting listening to the same ol' sacrament talks minding our own sacrament business. When the meeting gets over, there's a little fuss from the ladies sitting in front of us who had done a musical number earlier in the meeting. So I look around to see what they're talking about and I see this dude, on the other side of the room who looks a lot like David Archuleta...the real winner of American Idol, so I take a second gander and ask Julie: "is that David Archuleta?" So she looks up and says "yep"...a confirmation of the famous person siting.

Apparently the top 10 finalists have to go on tour or something and they started here in Glendale, AZ. So he and his dad were in our sacrament meeting. All the girls tried to attack him afterwards (even the bishop's wife) but he slipped out the back pretty quick. So anyway...we're pretty much famous too.
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