Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa

My grandparents were kind enough to let Rick and I stay at their house this summer while they were on their usual 5 month stent in Greer. One Sunday after Church while we were changing out of our Church clothes, I was looking in the closet at all of my Grandma’s clothes and had a brilliant idea…we should dress up in their clothes! So we did. And we proceeded to do so throughout the summer and take pictures and send them via email at first just to my Grandparents and then it somehow spread to the rest of the family. We would try to come up with themes for our dress-up times. Below are the pictures along with the email messages that we would send out.

A Gift for You Both

As Rick and I were changing out of our Sunday clothes yesterday and putting them back in your closets we had a great idea... we thought that you would appreciate a fresh look on your wardrobes! So over the next couple months we will be providing you with our personal fashion compilations from your very own closets (see attached photos)! Feedback is appreciated, if you wish to comment. We love you guys and appreciate you letting us stay in your house! We hope you both have great birthdays!

Julie & Rick

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! And yes, it is once again Sunday, so that means we came home from Church to change our clothes and were intrigued by your closets. Today's theme is "Clothes good for house-work". I now know why Grandma used to frequent that fantastic moo-moo...because MAN, that thing is COMFORTABLE! However, it does have one drawback, only one pocket. Strange. Oh, and as you can tell from one of the pictures, those shorts might be a little short for garments, so you might stick to using them as swim shorts...since that is their intended purpose anyway. Well, hope you enjoy your day and the pictures. Love you!

Julie & Rick

This week, by popular request...

That's right the "bird jacket" has been requested by multiple family members, so here it is! Our theme was "Ranching"; Rick of course had the option to go the more traditional route with overalls, plaid snap-up shirt, straw hat, durable over-coat and Dr. Marten's of course...

while I had to go with more of an urban-rancher look, sporting traditional brown suede cowboy boots, capri length levis, an AOL 4.0 t-shirt, a straw hat and yes, the bird coat! Enjoy. Love you all!

Rick and Julie

"God bless America"

Our apologies for missing last week and getting this one out a little late. We thought it only appropriate to see what you had in the way of patriotic attire...Notice the fine detail in Rick's thermal pants; he's dressed to salute the stars and stripes! I am outfitted for a fabulous 4th of July BBQ...and what else says "America!" like a pair of Mickey Mouse socks? Finally, you can find me reading memoirs from our very own George W's dear mother Barbara while rocking a fat-lip!
We hope you guys had a great 4th of July and are doing well.

Love you!

Rick and Julie

There's a holiday this week?
Yes, and that holiday would be July 24th Pioneer Day...a day I realized actually existed when I lived in Provo and some businesses actually shut down along with Church Headquarters. So, for any of you who get sick of other religions taking their "religious holidays" off of work or school, I say go a head, use Pioneer Day as a religious Mormon holiday!

You will notice that the attire we are wearing seems to be a little large. We are in fact representing those Pioneers who had finally reached their destinations...therefore, we imagine their clothes would have fit rather loosely after pulling handcarts for hundreds of miles and enduring much disease and sickness! Enjoy and don't forget to celebrate on the 24th with some jell-o (or whatever else you consider to be Mormon tradition) :) Love you guys!

Rick & Julie


So this weeks' theme was "Pajama Party". Rick found a lovely Disney tank top along with some classic grey sweats. He also happened to run into a fabulous red and blue robe that resembles something a championship boxer might wear to a big fight!

I found a classic mint green satin nighty that is accented with some very lovely lace. I also, found a fabulous robe, though not as flashy, still very comfortable and stylish. Finally, I happed to come across a delightful pair of hand knitted slippers!
We hope everyone is doing well and having a great summer!

Rick and Julie

So, we know it's been a while, but we think this one is pretty good. It is a classic Greer photo op in front of the fish cleaning station taken, of course, by Mr. Dick Hepler with Shirley and Tia spectating.

And this one is special because it includes the very inspirations for these emails! Rick is ready to be your guide for the day, sporting the oh, so familiar waders, fishing coat and fishing hat. I prefer to stay at "the court" in my Levis, Levi button-up with beautiful floral embroidery, my Levi hat equipped with Mickey Mouse pins and Mexican walking stick (or cane) that adds an array of color. Grandma and Grandpa both look at home and stunning in their court appropriate attire; they are always the talk of the trailer trash! We had a great weekend in Greer. We camped, caught some fish, although small, ate potluck, watched some olympics and enjoyed both the rain and the company. Thanks for entertaining us! We absolutely loved our first weekend in Greer together! We love you!
Rick & Julie PS The last picture was requested from Grandpa, "take a picture of that" referring to the fact that it looked like Rick had a load in his pants! Classic.

Thanks again for being so generous and letting us stay in your house…and wear your clothes ;) You really are great examples of love and how to treat family.

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