Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Indoor Skydiving

So Julie and I decided to satisfy our thrill seeking craving by going indoor skydiving. Julie's Aunt Mara had given us a gift certificate to "Sky Dive Arizona" for Christmas. It's a place in Eloy, AZ where they take a lot of military and civilians skydiving. There is an indoor facility for practice if anyone wants to go over things before the big jump. In fact, before our turn in the wind tunnel, there was a group of four people doing formations and all kinds of cool stunts in preparation for their jump. They then ran us through a little class where they told us what we needed to do, gave us some hand signals to coach us through our run because it was EXTREMELY loud in there (p.s. turn down the volume on your computer when you listen to the videos below, or it will scream at you), and then we had a ball.

We would recommend it to any one! Great time and no real risk of major injury :)

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