Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh, Canada

This past weekend marked the closing of another of life's many chapters...Ms. Karen Campbell is no longer in the great US of A. She is making her way back to her home land of the True North. She will be greatly missed as my employee/co-worker, roommate/tenant, study partner/excel master, and most importantly my friend. M'lady, a few of my memories of your times spent in the Copper State...
Going to the cabin
Driving Amanda's car all summer...and maybe putting a scratch on it ;)
Taking long lunches to new restaurants
Laughing until we cried about random things at work
Hanging out with Bear and Coco and speaking in accents to them
Almost making it to Havasupai and getting caught in a flood (we will make it one day)
Dealing with "the idiot broker" at work (you know who)
Making salads at lunch
Not knowing what country you were in on multiple occasions
Getting to see your emotional side (now I know Canadians are humans too)
Going to Hole-in-the-Rock and taking sunset pictures
Running to the Felix and back and realizing after that neither of us really wanted to go that fast we were just trying to keep up with the other person
Laying on the couch in the mornings hoping you wouldn't get up, so I wouldn't have to go running
Studying for days on end in the Scottsdale Library...if that didn't bond us together for life, I don't know what will
You making Pannini's (I have yet to have one!)
Your family coming to stay and taking us out to some lovely dinners
You coming to American Thanks Giving (my Aunt Lynne asked me last week what your plans were for this year :( had to tell her you were gone)
Hiring and "firing" you...hahaha
You finding out we were pregnant before my parents knew by the "deer in the headlights" look on our faces when you asked us
Watching Anne of Green Gables
You sitting on "your spot" on the couch
The adventures of Mike Maughn (I still have hopes)
Amanda being fearful of your nighttime tendencies
Coming home to you sitting in the pool reading a book
You earning your workout name of "Muscles"
Waking you up and taking you out to breakfast because someone was coming to look at the house (thanks for being a good sport)
AZ State Fair...chelloooo Indian Fry Bread!
and...Lada dada di dada da da...

Those are just a few I came up with. I miss you already, but I am really excited for you. I know you are a little unsettled about the next few months, but for some reason I feel like you are going to land something and somewhere (and maybe someone...), where you are really going to be happy. Remember that you have been adopted into the Cross family and that means you now have 2 sisters if you ever need anything.
I love you and can't wait for the next 7 years of memories!

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  1. um, i think the one item on the list that caught me totally off guard was the run where we were both going way too fast! hahahaha. that sucked. but was awesome at the same time.

    that was such a great list. i miss the crazy room. and the eastern european accent. and our la-di-di-da song we sang EVERY day. i don't miss studying for the cfa but if i have to do it again, i'm only doing it with you! i'm sorry that i'm not there to distribute soda, but i think the company will manage without me.

    love you, schmee. i swear, we're going to be seeing each other a lot (i mean, we have to finish anne!). miss you. can't wait to meet your BABY!