Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Desk

Julie has an uncle named Chuck. Uncle Chuck is a master carpenter. Anyone who has seen his work can't help but be amazed at how good it really is. I am no exception. So, I decided that while I have the opportunity I would love to make a piece of furniture with him.

With the upcoming responsibility of school fast approaching, I knew that I would be studying a lot, so with Julie's approval we decided that if he was willing, we'd like it if I could help him build us a desk (which could also function as a console table for future use). He, being the nice uncle he is, agreed.

The following are some pictures of the final product. It's made of a combination of ash and mahogany wood:


  1. Great Job, I might have to ask you to help me make one some day.

  2. That looks awesome! Good job!

  3. well, that is beautiful. does he make bunk beds :)

  4. I'm impressed! That will probably last through the ages.