Tuesday, November 16, 2010


 We spent Truman's first Halloween down in the Valley. Friday evening we went to my parents' ward's trunk-or-treat...Truman had a bit of a melt down then fell asleep in his stroller. He didn't even make it into his costume that night. Haha!
Saturday night was the "main event". We went to Brannon and Amanda's for their annual Halloween bash.
Yay for costumes!
That's the cutest hot dog I've ever seen.

The costume didn't last too long, seeing as Truman wanted to crawl all over the place and as a hot dog, he couldn't move his legs.
Our lovely hosts.
My delicious parents.
 Amanda made party favors. They were decorated witches shoes filled with really good classic kinds of candy, like pop rocks!
 The amazing Halloween treat table!! Great job sister!
 Hello Kitty Cousin
Truman making Great Grandpa feed him like a baby goat...Great Grandpa also took advantage of the cotton candy machine that night and let Truman enjoy some too! That's what Grandpa's are for.
Thanks to everyone for a great Halloween!

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