Saturday, August 15, 2009

Berry Baby!

We were trying to figure out what we wanted to do to get our weekend started on a Friday night. Our conclusion was to just get a movie and have a laid back night. While we were out I suggested we pick up a pregnancy test....we had been "trying" for a little while and I was late for my time of the month. When we got home we decided, "why wait?" so I peed in a styrophome Christmas cup and we watched as the 2 lines appeared :)

So, June 26th became a rather eventful night insead of just a laid back movie night.
Excited Daddy-to-be!
Baby incubator :)

We decided to wait and tell my family until every one was together. Everyone was going up to Greer for the 4th of July. Ted and Stef were driving in from Philly and I convinced Amanda and Brannon to come (I had to tell Amanda the news before-hand because they had decided not to go up because Brannon had to work, but the news changed thier minds and they came up). We called Rick's parents on our way up and told them the good news. This will be grandbaby number 12 for them and grandbaby number 1 for my folks.

Rick waited until August at his family's family reunion to tell his siblings. He blessed me and the baby in a family prayer...I think he caught them a little offguard :)

It's official, we are going to be parents...a little scary, life changing and very exciting!

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