Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday Truman, dear!

I can't believe our little baby boy is 1! He is getting so big and so fun. We spent his actual birthday in Flagstaff with just us, and then we headed down the hill the next day to have a little family party at Grandma and Grandpa Cross's. Here are some pictures and video from his actual first birthday.

 He woke up happy and ready to have a fun filled day!
 Then we went to the Church and played with some friends.
 Rick came home early and Truman was tired, but not wanting to nap, so...
 ...we went for a walk.
 Then, Truman opened his presents before dinner. He got a sweet cell phone from Dad, since he is always wanting to play with ours....
 ...and a photo book of his family from Mom.
 And then, time for CAKE!!!

 MMmmm...chocolatey kiss for Daddy! So nice.

 "Three!" We taught T to put both of his arms up over his head like a ref does to signal a 3-pointer. So, I assume this is his way of telling me that the cake was worth "3"...thanks buddy!
Finally, bath time and playing with some new ducks, and off to bed after dropping off of the sugar high.
We are so grateful to have Truman in our family. He brings us so much love and joy. We love watching him play and grow, it really is our favorite form of entertainment. He is a good example to us of how to be friendly (he will walk up to anyone and motion to have them pick him up or sit on their lap). He makes us laugh everyday and we can't wait to see what the next year will bring. He is such a happy, smart and good little boy. We love you so much Truman!

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