Thursday, February 24, 2011

Family Party

We were able to go down to my parents and have a family party for Truman. He is a pretty big deal...the 2nd great-grand baby on my dad's side (the other one is 13), and of course my parent's only grandchild as of now, so he's pretty spoiled at this point. He also received gifts in the mail from Rick's side of the family and some phone calls wishing him happy birthday. Truman, you have got a pretty great family!

 More presents.
 Kissing his new baby. The last few times we have been to the store, Truman had been wanting to hold the baby dolls, luckily my parents found him sort of a boy/turtle Cabbage Patch Kid. Rick was more accepting of his son having this type of "doll".
 His sweet camp chiar from Great Grandma Barbara.
 Truman's Aunt Stefanie made him this AMAZING owl cake! Oh, and Truman got the whole top layer to himself!!

 Aunt Amanda made the cupcakes along with a matching cupcake stand and Truman's initials!
Thank you Aunties!

Cake in the curls.
Gotta love the Alfalfa hair sticking up. What a cute kid!


  1. Gorgeous cake and cupcakes and initials! Wow.

    The video of the family at the party warmed my heart and made me miss Cross family celebrations. I love your family and admire how you all come together and are involved in each others' lives.

  2. Happy Birthday Truman! He is so cute and has great parents! I think there needs to be another baby in the family soon you and Amanda can fight out who gets to be next but we need a baby now that Truman is a little man!