Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elden's Crack....

We actually got out and did something this weekend!! This is pretty big time for us. The weather has been pretty nice (in the 50's) so Rick's classmate, Beau, set up a group hike. We headed to Mt. Elden on Saturday afternoon for about a 2 mile jaunt up Elden's Crack...ironically Rick's Grandpa's name was Elden, so Rick felt slightly awkward at the beginning.

Drink break...don't worry, Truman thew that sippy cup in the dirt, that's how he likes things.
Starting to see some water! Truman got switched to Rick's back at this point so that Rick could use his hands while doing some minor rock climbing...probably not our safest move as parents.
We had great views of Flagstaff pretty much the whole way.
Our final destination. There was a little waterfall and pool. We were hoping to see some ice waterfalls, but we think we were a couple of days late.
Truman absolutely loves being outside, even in the Bjorn. He pointed at things and jabbered the whole way. He had a great time. Thanks for packing me Daddy!!
Mr. T hangin' out at the top, throwing rocks, sticks, dirt, and lovin' every minute of it.

We also had Holly and her BFF Lorena come up on Friday. Lorena is going to apply to the NAU PT program this coming fall, so she came to check things out. Hopefully we were able to answer most of her questions and give her some helpful information. It was fun to have family up to visit. We ate a lot of fruit and sugar and had a fire in the fireplace on Friday night. It was good to catch up and hear about Holly's cookoo school stories. Good times all around. Come back and visit again ladies!!
All, in all it was a really good weekend. Rick had 3 tests this last week, so having them all done, he was able to relax and spend a lot of time with Truman and I. I loved it :)

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