Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break

Rick had spring break this week, so we headed down to Scottsdale for most of the week to warm up. Rick and I got to go on a date on Saturday night and then had a nice family dinner with all of the siblings on Sunday. And Monday the fun began...we went to the Phoenix Zoo with my Aunt Lynne and Maya.

We took the train almost all the way around the Zoo, so we got a glimpse of just about everything. Then we went and did the Arizona trail and the kids sections of the zoo by foot. We saw lots of great animals and had a really good time. Truman liked riding on the train and when we let him push his own stroller a bit.

He got an up close view of the Prairie Dogs and also some domestic animals in the kids section, like goats, sheep, horses and cows. He even got to pet a goat in the petting zoo.

The CSI Golden Eagle!

The boys checking out the elephants. It was so fun to watch Truman point at all of the animals, at least the ones that were obvious...some of those creatures are HARD to find in their little habitats!

A BIG thanks to Aunt Lynne for inviting us out to the zoo! I hadn't been in years and now I'm pumped to go back. We all had a great time and great memories from Truman's first zoo trip.

Rick and Truman got to hang out a lot more than usual this week. Truman liked to have his Daddy give him rides in the office chairs.

Truman LOVES my parents' dogs! Coco is a little afraid of him, but she is actually really good about playing with him if she is in the mood. Truman always sticks his finger out like this so that she'll lick it. He also loves to throw things too them from his high chair and just chase them around.

How appropriate that Truman's first official word is "dog". He loves them so much that he will even kiss them....gross.
Here we are back in Flag. We had a great week and it made me even more excited for the summer when we may get some more "Rick time", Truman wanted to try out a head band (ok, maybe I just put it on him because he was intrigued by mine), I think he looks like a very young John McEnroe. Anyway, a great week spent relaxing and spending time with family and friends in the warm sunshine, life doesn't get much better.


  1. Yea for tons of blog posts! Love them all! It is fun when you guys come down we can't wait for you to be here all summer either!!

  2. Look at all those curls! And teeth! Can't wait to see how this litle guy in a month. :) And of course, love that he kisses Coco and dog was his first word!!