Sunday, March 13, 2011


The weather has warmed up recently, so we have been able to go outside and have a little fun. Truman and I have taken a couple of walks on the golf course during the afternoon. Sometimes he doesn't want to be pushed, he would rather walk by himself. I like to find a good flat spot and then let him out of his stroller and we play. He played with his ball for about 5 minutes and then figured out it was much more fun to push the stroller, which is now one of his favorite things to do on a walk.

 We actually saw a TON of deer poo, a coyote, and a blue herron on this walk. Such exciting wildlife on the golf course!
 T is also fascinated with the diswasher, so Daddy let him climb on in (after bracing it) and go wild. He threw all of the silverware out while saying, "Uh-oh!".

The Friday before Spring Break, Rick didn't have any class, but he needed to go to campus to work on an assignment with a classmate. Truman and I decided to stop by and Rick hooked it up! Truman got to play with all of the fun equipment that the physical therapy students get to use. I think Rick should take him to school more often.

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