Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yep, that's right, I've gotten Rick into celebrating a birthweek instead of just a birthday for me. I didn't come up with this myself...I'm not that self-absorbed. It was actually an old coach in high school who introduced me to the birthweek idea. His rules were simple, you get both weekends, the one previous and the one following your actual birthday, and you have to do something nice for yourself each one of those days. It doesn't have to be extravagant, just be good to yourself. I had usually done this for myself and then my mom would do little things sometimes as well, and now Rick has jumped on the bandwagon. He starts exactly one week before my birthday and gives me a little something everyday. This year I was spoiled with Diet Dr. Pepper, a new bath puff, some new socks, a massage from a super hot male model, a toilet lock (amazing! considering our bathroom doors don't close), new floor mats for my car and a photo book. See, nothing too outrageous (besides the male model), but nice and thoughtful. I have pretty much the best husband ever!

On my actual birthday Truman and I did our usual thing and he took a really long nap. I consider that his gift to me and I thought it was fantastic. Then, we got some Jack in the box for dinner, Rick made me a jell-o no-bake cheesecake and we watched some women's games. All in all a pretty great day to turn 27.

 My sweet little boy. Thank you for the nap Truman.
 This is the photo book Rick made me. It is titled, "Julie's Best, According to Rick"...he made a book of his favorite photos that I have taken. Very thoughtful and it includes a sweet birthday message inside. I love it.
At the end of the day...me and the male model, looking a little wasted, must be the cheesecake, or having a "very active" 13 month old. Not sure which.

My day was also filled with phone calls from friends and family, texts and facebook messages from lots of old friends. I think I have come to appreciate birthdays a little more this year. Not living in the same city as any family or friends made all of the facebook messages, texts and calls just a little more special. I felt very loved and blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. Cheers! And here is to another fun filled year!


  1. Glad you had such a great day! And Truman gave you a great present! I agree about how nice birthdays are when you are away, all those years Ted and I was away it was like a month worth of phone calls in a day! Can't wait till easter!

  2. You look great! Happy 27th!

  3. I'm a terrible sister-in-law/Aunt! You two are always so thoughtful to call on our birthdays and you didn't hear word-boo from me on Julie or Truman's birthdays!! SO sorry guys, Happy Belated Birthday! We DO love you and miss you.