Monday, April 4, 2011

Conference Weekend

My parents came up to visit for conference weekend and my birthday. It was really nice to have them here and I am grateful to have family that is close enough that they can visit. Truman had a lot of fun with Grandma and Grandpa and I loved having adults to talk with, especially since Rick had 2 tests the following week, so he spent a lot of the weekend studying.

During the break on Saturday between the afternoon session and Priesthood we headed down to the park.
 Who doesn't want to ride a frog?
 Truman's first slide experience.
 The most popular baby at the park.
 Truman and I went to the park earlier this week and he stayed on the swing until his little hands and face were freezing. When I took him out he started crying...what a rough life.
Truman and Grandpa were watching some kids play basketball and he actually clapped when some one made a shot! Such a smart boy! (He did watch tons on basketball this last month...both men's and women's March Madness.)

I love General Conference. I love the process of preparing to hear the messages and I always feel uplifted and renewed spiritually after hearing from the Prophet and Apostles. Not to mention, getting to hang out in comfy clothes and make waffles. And to top off a fantastic weekend, my parents and grandparents went in together and got me a sewing machine for my birthday!! I am so excited to learn how to sew and make unique things! WooHoo!

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  1. How fun! Grandma and Grandpa sure love Truman boy! We can't wait till your down here for the summer! xoxo!