Monday, April 11, 2011

Family Home Evening

Our family home evenings are pretty laid back. Our activity turned out to be making footprints in the snow. We were all wearing our Vans so we couldn't resist taking a "Daddy", "Mamma" and "Baby" footprint picture.

 Truman had lots of fun stomping in what was left of the snow on our deck.

 Daddy showed him how to make footprints and he thought that was quite entertaining.
Rick and I also had some fun playing in the snow too. What we have been doing lately for our family home evening lessons is using a picture from the Gospel Picture Library and just reading the summary off of the back and pointing out things in the picture to Truman. It's not much, but we are trying to do something and I feel good about that because I feel that the Lord will never ask us to do something that is useless or unnecessary.

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  1. Good for you guys! Also, I love that Rick is in a t-shirt in the snow.