Saturday, March 6, 2010

Huber House

After several months of trying to sell our home, we finally did! Julie purchased the house in February of 2007, and moved in with her friends. Over the years Amanda Cross Gunnell, Karen Campbell, Meghan Hill Smith, Angela Smout Wells, Holly Harris, Kelsey & Kate Orme, Malorie Dobine, Alana Campbell and of course the infamous Rickae aka Rossey lived there.

We made a lot of memories in that place. It was the place we first met, where we had our first kiss, where we fell in love and where we found out we were going to have baby Truman. Other memories include: the big root beer kegger, Golden Spoon runs, playing on the water slide, going for runs and bike rides on the canal, hearing the roars of the crowds at the Chicago Cubs spring training facility, watching movies, chatting with the girls, Valentines Day paint party, scorpions (especially Meghan's first sighting), the burro and coyote lawn figurines, the dead bird in the dryer vent, the Star Trek costume, THE panic attack, the pass-through window, Rick jumping the fence to get away from the "server" (who ended up being Brannon) and Julie's first bathroom reno.

It was a wonderful home and although we felt excited and relieved to sell it, we couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness when we spent our last night there.


  1. i'm happy you we able to sell it. i will miss it too. i love you. p.s. you missed one event - the day carl proposed to me, amanda hit his car. :)