Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rick is Da Man!

Monday, I got a phone call from Rick while he was at school. He was in calculus class and stepped out to tell me the good news...he got accepted to NAU's Pysical Thereapy program! We are so excited! He just had his interviews the previous Friday and he wasn't too sure about one of his interviews. He thought his interview with a practicing PT went well, but his interview with a faculty member was the one he wasn't too sure about. I guess they liked him though! (really, who doesn't like Rick?...not surprising to me or anyone else that knows him) Rick has worked so hard and been so humble about everything with school, but I like to brag! He is a smarty-pants! We are so blessed to have gotten into this program and we recognize the Lord's hand in it. We will be somewhat close to family and the in-state tuition is amazing.
Flagstaff here we come!!

Go Lumberjacks!!


  1. He's a lumberjack and that's okay! (i don't know the rest of the song) Congratulations! I definitely want to come and visit! I love Flagstaff. If I didn't marry Mike I would have gone there.

  2. go rick go! i knew you would get it! and now baby Truman is only 2 hours away. :)