Friday, March 19, 2010

Softball Champs

My brother-in-law Brannon got a softball team together and asked that I play with him. Our first game was a little rough considering we were playing the previous year's champion, but after that, we dominated. We didn't lose a game, although a couple of them were pretty close...including the championship game.

The game was back and forth every inning. We would score a couple runs, then they would score a couple. We were up one run going into the last inning and they scored twice. Fortunately we got last bats though. The first two batters got out (one of whom was!), the third batter got on base because of an error. The next guy walked, after him, a the game was tied. Brannon got up, and grounds to the short stop, who has been a vacuum all game long. He scoops it up, but because Brannon is so fast, and is already getting close to first base he had to hurry his throw, so he ended up throwing it high. Brannon was safe, our runner on third base scored and we were crowned champions.

All in all, an awesome season, we had a ton of fun and I can't wait to do it again.

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  1. Why have you been hiding your blog from us for so long?! It was fun to catch up a bit on your cute little family. That Truman is so handsome!! Let us know next time you are in Twin. We'd love to head down and see you guys!