Saturday, January 22, 2011


My parents and the Scotts were in Sedona for the weekend, so we headed down on Saturday to meet up and do a little mountain biking. For starters, the drive from Flag to Sedona is beautiful. It goes along Oak Creek and it actually made us want to go camping. What?! Like in a tent...well we'll see if the amazing scenery really motivates us to go sleep outdoors when the weather warms up. Neither of us had done that drive and we are glad that we did.

These are a couple of pictures from our bike ride...if you want to call it that. I'm pretty sure we did more hiking than riding. The map said it was a bike trail and not too difficult...who ever wrote that must be some kind of expert rock hopper! Needless to say we didn't spend too much time before heading back.

However, there was an upside to the bike ride/hike, we met some people that were trying to find the vortex. Sedona is known to be an area with all kinds of magical vortexes...I really hope they found it, although we were not much help. We went back after the ride and had dinner and then headed home. The next morning, Rick got a news alert on his phone saying that there had been an earthquake in Sedona! We were like "what the...?" I text my mom to find out if they had felt it. She told me yes and that it made my dad fall out of bed....I was laughing so hard!! And then she confessed that they made that up, and they had really slept through it. However, they do believe that they were the cause of the earthquake.They feel that their presence in Sedona had upset the vortex.

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