Sunday, January 30, 2011


This weekend Aunt Amanda and Uncle Brannon came to visit. It's always fun to have family come and spend some time.

 Twinners! Gotta love the feetsie pajamas for all ages.
 Then, Truman and I had some fun with Amanda's new camera while she and Brannon went snowboarding and Rick was at school studying. Love this one!
 She has some really fun settings on that thing. Recently I have pulled out my 35mm slr camera and been shooting a little. It's been fun to start getting back into photography. I'm waiting for a roll to get developed and hopefully some of the shots turn out so I can post 'em!
 Some of the highlights from the weekend included:
- Pita Jungle
- A trip to the new Joann's store that just opened up here.
- Gel nails (Thanks sister!)
- Amanda's face after getting a kiss from Truman.
- Helping Brannon with his Scrabble games on his Ipad
- Laughing
- Mango sticky rice & brownies with ice cream
- Watching Truman draw on the Ipad, dance, walk, yell, eat, fart...he's pure entertainment
- Hearing about Amanda's snowboarding experience

We already miss you! Come back soon!

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  1. Look how big he's getting!!!! Thanks for updating the blog. Love the pajamasa photo.