Monday, January 3, 2011


We headed up to Idaho after Christmas to spend a week with our Berry family. I didn't take enough pictures, but we had a great time. All of Rick's sisters and their families came up to Twin for a couple of days. Some of the highlights included, meeting Tyler, the newest addition to the family, having a big family dinner, watching all of the kids play together, going to the church to play games in the gym, spending time with Rick's friends, and having a quiet New Year's Eve with just Rick & I. (Low lights included the 24 hour flu hitting just about everyone except Truman and I...ewww.)

 Truman loved crawling after the ball in the gym. Baller!!
 Everybody watching Legrand fly Liam's new helicopter that he got for Christmas.
 Truman loves his Grandpa Berry! He would always smile or giggle when he would see his Grandpa.
You can kind of see his "fangs" in this one. He got his side teeth in before his front teeth. Vampire baby. Truman did really well on the airplane both ways. On the way there he slept almost the entire way and on the way back he snoozed a little and played like a good little boy.
We miss Rick's family and wish we were closer, but we are lucky we aren't too far and that we still get to see them a few times a year.

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