Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rick's Birthday

We invited some of Rick's classmates over for his 31st birthday. There is a girl named Julie in his class that shares Rick's exact same birthday, so we made it a double party!
Sara made these sweet mint brownies and a killer sign to go with. (I did have a couple of people wish me happy birthday...2 Julie's got a little confusing I guess.)

Three of Rick's classmates also have kids, so we decided that after we ate some goodies we would go out to the golf course and do a little sledding...there may have been some blood and tears shed. Our bad! We didn't do a pre-run to try out the hill. That little hill was a lot quicker than we expected, but Julie's boys loved it! Those 3 little guys were fearless!
Here is Tyler racing Julie's husband, Jeremy, and 2 of his boys.
Dustin and Hollis. I can't believe Hollis agreed to get back on the sled, he had already wiped out pretty badly twice before. What a tuff guy!
Rick and Truman getting ready to go.
Julie and one of her boys.

Dustin's little girl opted to make a snow angel instead (try to find it, it's to her right). She actually went down on a different hill and biffed it pretty good with her little brother, so I can't blame her for choosing to be the cheerleader for the rest of the sledders.
T's first time out on the slopes.
It was really fun for me to get to know some of Rick's classmates and their families and I think they enjoyed doing something social with their classmates as well. I did go down on a sled with Rick and somehow snow managed to go down the front of my shirt even though I had a ski coat on zipped up...impressive.
Rick said that he had a good birthday and that is what really mattered (I think it partially had to do with the amount of cake we had left over). Cheers to the best husband in the universe!!

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