Saturday, September 11, 2010

Road Trip Part 2

Next, we were off to Southern Alberta. We made a quick overnight stop in Helena, Montana before meeting up with the Campbell clan at Writing on the Stone Provincial Park.
There appeared to be a random Christus statue along the highway in Montana. This was the best picture I could get out the window and I haven't found anything on the Internet....

Here are some photos from Writing on the Stone.

Hiking with the Campbell Clan.

Pretty cool rock formations and the Milk River.

Some ancient petroglyphs, thus the name, Writing on the Stone.

Then, we went and floated down the Milk River.

It was really fun and shallow, so it wasn't too cold.

Don't worry, I got beached at about this point because either it was too shallow, my tube was leaking air (it really was we heard it hissing when we got in, which made me nervous until I realized the water was about 2.5 feet deep), or I just hadn't lost enough baby weight yet! haha!

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  1. DUDE!! First of all, you passed right by our house just outside of Helena MT. My folks live about 20 miles south of Helena, right off Boulder pass... you came through there on your way to Helena from Butte. Secondly, the statue in Butte is the Lady of the Rockies, Weird, huh?!! Angie and I are actually both in Montana at my folks' house this whole month while our husbands hunt and have breaks from school (ok so Dusty just graduated, and Jason still has 3 1/2 years, but whatever!) Was good having you in the neighborhood, would have been even better if we would have known it, you could have just stayed here! Your lil one is adorable by the way.... Sounds like life is good, and you guys look super happy. Good to hear and see! Holler at us sometime girly! :)