Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Road Trip Part 4 Stampede/Okotoks

Our next stop was Karen's home town of Okotoks and the Calgary Stampede. Basically the Stampede is the reason this whole trip got planned. Karen has had a standing invitation for me to come up and go to the Stampede for many years and we figured we could actually swing it this summer. Then, the planning began and it mushroomed into a 25 day road trip with a 5 month old. Here are days 9-12.

Here we are at the entrance to the Stampede. It is like a really big AZ State Fair with more live entertainment and a giant rodeo. We were randomly selected to have our bags checked and Rick was almost thrown in Canadian jail for having an illegal weapon in his backpack. It was a can of mace that my grandpa gave me for Christmas one year (he gave one to all of the girls), but Rick agreed to let them keep it and so we were allowed to enter.

Karen and I in the Indian Village with a creepy crow.

I had never seen a "teepee closed" sign... I wonder what was in it.

Trying on Cowboy hats at the Lammle's Western Wear Tent. Karen worked here one summer.

It's an over sized hat. It's funny.

Riding some buckin' broncos and supporting Alberta Beef.

We couldn't leave Canada without a photo with the
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, aka the Mounties.

We couldn't pass this up!

Yep, deep fried pickles. Delicious! We also had bison burgers, which were pretty good. The meat was a lot more tender than ground beef...I love fair food, too bad I don't have the metabolism to eat it on a more regular basis.

This was a little show we stopped to watch. They were French Canadian Comedian/acrobat type performers. We also went to a basketball dunking show...they jumped off of trampolines, so I wasn't super impressed. Also, we went to a high dive act, and we went to an ice skating show that was pretty good. It had Olympic skaters and sweet classic rock music. Good times.

The chucks! (or chuck wagon races) The Campbell's hooked us up with some sweet tickets to the Grand Stand show which includes the famous chuck wagon races that I had heard so much about from Karen over the years. We had great seats and they were really fun to watch.

A better view of the stadium and of course the Budweiser team.

Rick and I at the Grand Stand show. (Karen was with us too.) After the chuck wagon races the shows started. There was a comedian, kids show choir type performance, acrobats, motocross guys doing some crazy stuff and a singing and dancing type of performance. Quite the show.

Enjoying our last day at the Campbell's.

Photo op at "Campbell Corner" with our wonderful hosts. We had so much fun and the Campbell's were so generous to us and they even baby sat. Thanks for everything!!

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