Friday, September 24, 2010

Flagstaff House

Here are some photos from our place in Flag. We got really lucky and found a great place through a friend of a friend. This is his summer place and he had never rented it until he found out about us :)

Here is the master.
This is the closet and bathroom in the master. It is a townhouse with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Perfect for having guests!

T-man in his room.

Truman hanging out on his owl couch in his room. (Owl blanket complements of the crafty-est Cousin, Holly.) The place came furnished, so we have just added some of our own touches.

Major selling point for me; washer and dryer in the house! After not having one for 8 months, this is like heaven.

Here is the living and dining room.

The breakfast bar and kitchen.

A little shelving unit that we Berry-ized.

Looking from the dining area to the front door. It is kind of a long hallway with some modern art on the walls. We rearranged some of the artwork around the house and we actually kind of like it.

Our guestroom/office. This is the only bedroom on the 1st floor and it is a perfect guest suite. We have already had 6 visitors and we are just waiting for more!

We have a little front patio as well.

We have a detached one car garage. It comes in very handy for storing our bikes, stroller and a few other things.

The incredible view off of the deck/out our living room window. There is a fairway down below; not too shabby for "starving students".
We go on a walk every evening on the golf course. We see lots of people with their dogs, occasionally hit some balls, and Truman loves every second of being outside. We are really liking Flagstaff and our place, and we also love having visitors.

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