Saturday, October 2, 2010

Road Trip Part 7 Vancouver

Vancouver, aka, The City of Glass
We got to Vancouver at night and were supposed to go to an international fireworks show, but Truman had a major melt down, so we didn't make it. However, we could see the fireworks from our hotel window, so it worked out just fine!
Here we are on the sea wall. We got to check out the ocean while our personal tour guide, Karen, had a dental appointment.

We were able to take some fun photos along the sea wall while we were just hanging out. The plants and flowers are amazing in Vancouver, so beautiful.

The boys just relaxing.

Next, we headed over to White Cliffs park where we could see some of the islands off of Vancouver. Rick took this picture in a "secret spot"...not sure what that means, all I know is that Karen and I couldn't find them after we went to the bathroom.

The beach was beautiful at White Cliffs.

The next stop was Lynn Canyon. An amazing outdoor park just outside of Vancouver.
Below are a bunch of pictures of us on the suspension bridge. Karen had never been to this park so it was first-time-fun for everyone!

Great choice M'lady!

Don't look down!

Truman had a good time at Lynn Canyon. He loves being outside.

Once across the bridge we hiked along some paths to different parts of the river. The trees were large and beautiful and everything was so green.

There was a really deep pool at one point. The water was amazingly clear.

The blur in this photo is a girl cliff jumping. She actually just showed up all of the guys standing up on the rocks that were cliff jumping too.

At the deep pool, facing the other direction.

We would never mock teenage Asian tourists...

Cool stump.

Then, we headed to Twin Lynn Canyon.

At the Twin Falls.


That is one crazy looking tree.

Karen volunteered to backpack Truman up the incredibly long stair case on our way back to the car. She said it was training for the 6 day backpacking trip she was leaving on in a couple of was also the only training she did for that hike. Haha!

They both made it to the top happy, and the next week Karen completed her hike thanks to her diligent training.

That evening we saw some totem poles being made on our way to Granville Market.
We picked out some produce, bread, meat, cheese and desert from the market and all of it was absolutely AMAZING!!

The market was one of our favorite stops in Vancouver. They had such a variety and everything was incredibly fresh and delicious and there were so many new things there we wanted to try, that we could have gone back everyday for every meal and been very happy!

The pier outside of the market.

We headed out to the beach with our market food to watch the sun set.

Thanks for taking this one Karen. I love it.

Rick and Karen's roommate Emma, enjoying the scenery and the delicious food.

Some little kid came by and was kicking sand all over Rick's jacket. He had no idea he was being watched and Rick thought it was hilarious.

The view of downtown Vancouver from the beach. I also love that they put these giant logs on their beaches. It is so convenient to have something to sit against or on. Way to go Vancouver!

Good times.

T just having a cozy rest at the beach.

M'lady entertaining the little guy.

We stopped at this place for lunch the next day. Rick abosolutely loved it. Terrific gyros.

Vancouver is called the City of Glass because most of the big buildings are mostly glass. It is a very clean and beautiful city and there are tons of rooftop gardens. We thought this tree was pretty amazing.

After lunch, Karen agreed to hang out with Truman while Rick and I biked around Stanley Park. It's basically Vancouver's version of Central Park. We were a little bummed because we wanted to take Truman for his first bike ride, but the rental people told us he was too young for the seat. Next time buddy.

But, he had fun hanging out with Auntie Karen instead.
Below are the pictures we took on our ride along the park.

Check out the grass on the roof of that building!

There was a cool water playground for kids...

...complete, with a "kids dryer"! Kids would walk through it and get all of the water blown off of them. It looked like so much fun!

After the park and hanging out a bit we went for bubble tea. One of my new favorites, bubble tea is an Asian fruit drink with tapioca balls in the bottom. You can also get cream in it and get it slushy....mmmm bubble tea.

Then, we stopped off at another beach for fun.

Such a model face.

Truman and his buddy.

City sky line.

Last, but not least we requested to get some authentic Canadian food...and the suggestion was Poutine, a mixture of French fries, cheese curds, gravy and meat. It was actully pretty good and low calorie.... ;)

Vancouver was amazing! The city was beautiful and it has everything outdoorsy you could ever want with beautiful beaches surrounding the city and 3 ski hills within about 20 minutes. We loved it and will definitely keep it on the list of places to go back to.

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  1. Oh Van. So fun having you come. It's all thanks to training with Truman that I survived the West Coast Trail! Oh, and I ended up going cliff jumping at Lynn Canyon a couple weeks later -- that water is soooo cold! Sorry we didn't have more time at the market, and I agree, I could eat a Granville Island picnic every single day!