Friday, October 22, 2010

Road Trip Part 9: Portland & The Oregon Coast

Once we got off of the ferry in Washington we headed straight for Portland. We left pretty late, so we ended up getting to the Schaffer's house around 2am. Needless to say, we opted not to go to their 8am sacrament meeting, but headed for an 11am one instead. When the Schaffer's got home from Church and before we headed out to catch sacrament, Bridger was the first to greet us he said, "You were sleeping!" observant. He has the biggest smile and is every one's friend, but he was a little disappointed when he found out that we didn't have any "other kids" for him to play with. After Church we also got to visit with one of Rick's old roommates, Tyler Stoddard, and his family. It was nice to finally meet the guy behind some of the stories I had heard.

 We went to a u-pick blueberry patch. They have a lot of these u-pick type of little farms around Portland. The blueberries were delicious and super cheap! Here is Bridger using Rick's leg to take a break.

 Mel & Kacy

Mt. Hood is in the background of this one.
Mel took us to a rose garden that overlooked the city. Here is Bridger helping me to show just how big the roses actually were.
Time for a little nap in the afternoon sunshine.
After blueberries and the rose garden we did our own little walking tour of downtown Portland.
Our stops included Niketown and Powell's City of Books. Man, that is one huge bookstore!
Here is a random fountain we came across...Bridger quickly figured out how to make it squirt all over
...with maybe just a little help from Rick.
Some of the cool things we saw in downtown, random sculptures, windmills on top of buildings and interesting architecture.

Before we left we gave the Schaffers some Canadian licorice. Bridger was waving his around and making it wiggle and decided to call it wiggle-rish!
Truman blowing a kiss to say thanks for letting him use this fantastic toy during our stay.
The Kiddos

 Mel, Jim and kids, thanks for letting us stay! We had so much fun!!

We left Portland and headed down the Oregon Coast. We got a few suggestions of stops to make from Mel and Jim . This first was this place called Devil's Punchbowl.
Just chillin' in the Highlander...getting ready to go see some more sights.
These blackberry bushes were right by the parking lot. Apparently blackberry bushes are considered a weed in Oregon...seriously Jim told us all about it.
Probably not going to swim it was freezing.

We stopped to take a few photos of this lighthouse. Very scenic.
Then, we saw these big sand dunes with pine trees growing out of them.
That's a pretty rare sight if you ask me.

We stopped at the most western point in the continental US. Lighthouse and all.

 It was absolutely freezing!!!

A few pictures from the scenic coastline and dense greenery.

What a good little traveling boy.

Oregon was phenomenal and we are really glad that we decided to make the trip down the coast.

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