Saturday, October 16, 2010

Race Weekend & Some More

Truman's Grandpa & Grandma Berry were in town for the weekend. We hung out on Thursday evening and then on Friday we took a little walking tour of NAU.

There was a big event for us on Saturday. The Go Big for Parkinson's Run/Walk is an event that the 2nd year NAU PT students put on in Flagstaff. It raises money for Parkinson's patients who cannot afford their treatments. This was especially fun and meaningful for us because Rick's dad has Parkinson's disease. We invited some of our family members to join us for the walk and Rick and I walked with everyone for the first part and then jogged the 5k course.

Looking the part with our race numbers on!

Grandpa Jack & Truman with Louie the Lumberjack along the 2k walk course.

Our family of racers. Thanks for coming!!

Brannon getting stretched out after a very strenuous 2k walk.

Rick and Joe found this guy in our front courtyard and then Rick saw him again later and relocated him to the golf course. Truman and I had seen one earlier in the week on a jog. I guess it's time to get out the Halloween decorations!

Joe, Cindy, Rick and I headed out to see some local sights after the race. Here is Sunset Crater.

Those are cinder hills behind Joe and Cindy. I guess almost all of the mountains in Flagstaff are of volcanic origin. There were some black dunes that were pretty cool too.

Our final destination was the Wupatki National Monument.
It was a pretty impressive Indian ruin.

The stone work reminded me of the stacked stone facades that are popular on the exterior of people's homes right now. It is very organized and geometrical.

The Berry's looking like Indians.

Truman in his new high chair. He started to get all kitchen rodeo on me in his Bumbo seat the week before we got this. He was basically trying to buck himself out of the seat and off of the little table it was on. So now he is much more secure at meal time.

Grandpa Berry and Truman.

Grandma Berry and Truman on their last night with us.

T and I took Joe and Cindy down to the airport on Monday and stayed the night in Scottsdale. We were able to stop by and see Great Grandma and Grandpa Singleton.

Wild boys!
On Tuesday I took Truman for one last outside swim. It was a little chilly, but we survived and splashed a little. Then, Maya came over and we were ready to head back to Flagstaff.

Truman slept almost the whole way home and Maya helped out when he was awake. Maya came up for part of her fall break. We got to go to a high school volleyball game Tuesday night. Wednesday we went to the Flagstaff Aquaplex and played volleyball for a couple of hours and then headed back there later that night to swim.
Thursday we just hung out around the house. Here's Maya and Truman reading.

T was also lucky enough to get his hair styled on Thursday. We decided his hair was too long in front for the mo-hawk...

... so he got a more professional look.
All in all, a great weekend/week. Very busy and lots of wonderful visitors. Truman was spoiled with lots of attention as well as Rick and I, so now we have to adjust back to everyday life! Also, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that participated and donated to the Go Big for Parkinson's event we really really appreciate it!


  1. It's amazing how much he changes in just a month! HE IS SO DANG CUTE.

  2. We wish we could have been there! It looks like you had a great week! Miss you guys!