Saturday, October 2, 2010

Road Trip Part 8 Ferries and Victoria

We drove onto a ferryboat and headed to Victoria from Vancouver. It was the first time either of us had taken a car onto a ferry, so that was pretty exciting.
The captain of our lives.

Out on deck. We ended up napping on the boat and listening to our ipods. This was nice, however, we think we missed an announcement about being able to see whales off to one side. We couldn't hear what they said because we had our ipods in and then most of the passengers went to one side. We were too lazy and comfortable to get up, but Karen told us they saw killer whales on their ferry ride later that day. I wish we would have followed the crowd on that one!

We hit the Butchart Gardens when we got into Victoria while we waited for Karen and the others to get to Victoria. We took a lot of pictures and below are some of our favorites.

Even the trash cans had flowers on them!

This is the Sunken Garden, I think it may have been my favorite.

This was in the Rose Garden.

This is at the entry of the Japanese Garden.

There was a "window" in this bush that looked out to the ocean.

I really liked these stepping stones in the pond of the Japanese Garden.

I think this was the Italian Garden. Rick loved the back wall made completely out of a hedge.

Truman's first horse ride.

This was by our parking spot.

Truman spent a lot of the trip in this position.

After the gardens we met up with Karen and a few of her friends and wandered around Victoria. Here is a baby seal sleeping under a bridge in the harbor. So cute and fuzzy! I hope it was ok.

In front of the Parliament building.

The boys were much more subdued and sophisticated.

Wandering in the tourist shops.

Our last Canadian meal was had at Tim Horton's, a Canadian fast food joint.

Victoria Harbor

On our 2nd ferryboat that day, headed back to the good ole US, and A.

What a cute kid.

No, the sun isn't in our eyes, that's just how we smile sometimes.

Random floating houses on our way out of Victoria.
No whales on this ride, but we did get to see the sunset.

Land that I love.

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