Friday, October 22, 2010

Road Trip Part 10: California Finale

The last days of our trip took us to California. The first stop on our list was Redwoods National Park.
Always good to know how to escape from wild animals...
 These trees made you feel so small and walking though them made us marvel at nature.

We thought the ferns were beautiful as well.

There are a couple of different parks with the giant redwoods in them and a road that goes in between called the Avenue of the like this made all of the driving enjoyable.
We even drove through a tree!

Here is a picture of the vineyards we drove though in Northern California.
Next stop, San Francisco...we stopped in San Fran for a day and hit some of the highlights.

Below is Alcatraz.

Random giant noodle at Pier 39...
This is a Cathedral we passed driving though town.
We accidentally ended up at Golden Gate Park and ended up spending the end of the day walking around there to give Truman some time out of the car and stretch our legs before getting back on the road.

The cutest boys I know.
Our final stop was El Segundo to visit Ted and Stef. It was nice to see some family again!
We relaxed and went to the beach a couple of times.
Ted surfed and Rick had fun boogie boarding for his first time.
Truman loved laying on the beach in his travel bed!

Thanks for having us! We had so much fun and can't wait to come back!

All in all, we loved our first family road trip. Of course, there was some crying (only from Truman) which could make things a little stressful, but overall everything went smoothly. We didn't know if we would ever have this much free time to do something like this again, so we took advantage of the situation and are really glad that we did. It was fun to see all of the beautiful sights and marvel at Heavenly Father's creations, but even more fun was visiting family and friends in their hometowns. We are truly blessed.

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