Saturday, September 18, 2010

Road Trip Part 5 Banff/Lake Louise

We left Okotoks and the Campbell's and headed
across the Canadian Rockies to Vancouver.
The first 2 stops we made along the way were Banff and Lake Louise.
We had to get some chocolate when we got to Banff.

We got a Bear Claw...amazing! Like a turtle, but giant and with cashews.

Then, we jumped on the gondola at Lake Louise. We saw this mama bear and her 2 cubs! We were so excited.

Here is a closer picture of the Grizzlies.

Rick and I at the top of the gondola.
You can see Lake Louise right above Rick's head.

It was pretty chilly. So one of the first things we did in Banff was get Truman this hat. It came in handy for a lot of the trip.
He liked the gondola ride.

Happy boy!

I think we counted 22 of these gophers on the lawn at the lodge when we were getting off of the Gondola.

Giant black bird that was in the parking lot.

Water at Lake Louise.

Lake Louise

I had never seen such a beautiful lake.

Truman got zipped up a lot when he was carried in his Bjorn, but he doesn't like his arms zipped up apparently. haha!

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous! Love the family picture too! Keep up the trip updates! Miss you guys!