Sunday, September 12, 2010

Road Trip Part 3 Cardsten/Waterton

After spending the day at Writing on the Stone, we headed across the prairies of Southern Alberta to spend the night in Cardsten.

We thought the prairie was beautiful. There were yellow, purple and pink flowers along the way.

We spent the night at this bed and breakfast, which was slightly interesting due to the awkward girl that served us at dinner that night.
Mark and Louise had to leave unexpectedly in the morning because they found out that a long lost relative from Denmark would be in Calgary the day.

Rick and I were able to do some sealings at the Cardsten, Alberta temple in the morning before we headed for Waterton with Karen.

Waterton is the Canadian side of Glacier National Park in Montana.

This is the historic hotel in Waterton, I think it is called the Price of Whales.

It was SUPER windy, but the scenery was amazing.

There were deer all over the town and they would let you get pretty close. This is one of 2 little bambi's we saw crossing the street with their mom.

This was our lunch stop. It was run by a couple of young LDS brothers, we could tell because the kid taking orders looked like he was about 12, but he was wearing a wedding ring and then he told someone he and his brother were the owners. Good weiners!

We hung out by the river for Truman's lunch break. The glacier water is amazing and so clear and blue. It looks like Caribbean water.

I loved Waterton! It was absolutely beautiful and the town feels sort of like a miniature more homey Park City.

Here is a glacier lake. Pretty amazing how beautiful and clear everything is.

Finally, we saw some buffalo on our way out.


  1. Wow! How gorgeous! LOVE seeing all the pictures from the trip...keep 'um coming! MIss you guys!

  2. It's called the Prince of Wales Hotel.

    I'm never wearing those red shorts again -- I look like a tank!

    The water does look like Caribbean water, but it's about one million degrees colder!

    12-year-olds shouldn't be allowed to own businesses, even in Canada. I'm just saying.

    And that awkward server girl really was the greatest. "Um, so, are you done with your meal?" when we were very clearly about half way through it!